Budding young leader at Seychelles Conference.

In the first ever Women Parliament taking place in the Seychelles, young and vibrant UPND Magoba ward Councillor in Kafue, Buumba Malambo has been selected to represent the young women in Africa and will give a key note address at the conference which is expected to be graced by former African Heads of State notably Pohamba of Namibia, Motlante of South Africa and former Vice President of Uganda Kazibwe.

Buumba is certainly an un matched force in focus and drive who has pursued making a better life for many the main theme of her life.

Through her Buumba Malambo Foundation, she has over 560 kids she’s keeping off the streets by sponsoring them to attain the much desired education and skills that will improve their lives and make them better and resourceful citizens. A task we dar4e say, that the PF government has grossly neglected and in some cases totally abrogated.

It should be the vision of any well meaning government to tap the bottom of the ladder by ensuring young people like Buumba are given necessary encouragement and support as they work their way in supporting other young people out of their own efforts. A responsible govermnents intent and aim should be to create an enabling environment for our youths to attain their goals. This would help identify gifted young leaders who must be empowered for them to in turn empower their peers on the ground.

The country should be proud to have young persons like Buumba Malambo who is representing this country at this level from her humble position as a young Kafue Magoba ward Councillor.

This is the glimpse of what this country can achieve if the leadership had a vision for our young people anda was focused on making thier lives better. What is required is the promotion of education and encouraging our youth to be achievers instead of the thuggery being promoted by the PF government especially under Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

The PF after failing lamentably to generate 500,000 jobs they sang about during the campaign for the Augast 2016 elections, they are now sponsoring youths to rob mourners at cemeteries and in the cities. This is not only pathetic but demonstrates that they have no idea what the word development means.

The opposition claims that they shall turn that around for a better Zambia. We wait to see if once in power they can live up to their promises and vision.

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