Where were the Police and PF ‘Soldiers’ Guarding City Market?

By Kasebamashila Kaseba

Lusaka City Market was built in 1997 with a designated police station providing day and night police guard. Secondly, the LCC run by a market management prohibits cooking and fire inside the market.

In addition and importantly, the power is switched off from the sockets at 18:00 and 16:00 on holidays as the police order evacuation of market. After the evacuation and clearance and sweeping of the markets, there is a police inspection and after some hours orders to shoot on sight anyone found inside or outside or near the market.

In short, between 18:00 closure to 06:30 openning, the Lusaka City Market is a police high security installation. And in the recent past, after the fire of Kamwala Market, the PF seemed to have taken over both the co-management and co-guarding of the market. While city has suffered fire attacks and MMD co-management this fire and PF takeover may be the serious.

Whodunit? As in all security and investigation situations, the cause of a fire, whether foul play or accidental, comes from the reports of the security on duty; not Lusaka Fire Brigade or Ministry of Home Affairs or PF or Zambia Police?


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