Zambia owes peace to HH

Zambia is deeply indebted to UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema for not allowing his millions of supporters to take to the streets after the disputed and tightly contested August 11 polls.

As Gazetted, let’s zero-in on that day which Would have marked the end of peace and tranquility in Zambia and opened a new era of warfare and resultantly plunged our beloved country into a quagmire of endless misery.

It’s Gazetted that during that moment, the whole country was at a turning point, UPND supporters from all corners of the country were ready to take to the streets and tear the country apart, but HH called for a press conference and requested his supporters to look for the Gen 12, Gen 19 Certificates to validate his claim that the PF stole the vote. At this that time, UPND were ready to go to the streets and shed blood.

It’s Gazetted too that, on the morning of 5th September, 2016, when the ConCourt bench comprising Palan Mulonda, Annie Mwewa Sitali, Mulenga Mungeni, Hilda Chibomba and Margret Munalula, through a majority vote denied the Petitioners the right to be heard after which, when the UPND leader was asked the next step, he only replied, “it’s a court case.”

The UPND supporters were, also at the time ready to cause havoc, but HH restrained them, there by guaranteeing the country peace.

Then, on 10th April, 2017, his home was ambushed and raided, which led to his eventual arrest and subsequent charge of treason which is still in court –even then, from the hovel of seclusion at Chimbokaila Prison and latter at Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison, HH made it known that he won’t take over the country through the shedding of blood. The man is the very definition of integrity and we as a nation owe him a debt of gratitude. He has shown us what it means to have the interest of the nation at heart.

Zambian watchdog.

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