When you leave National Leadership to people with no vision.

State of Emergency has been declared. Who takes the biggest blame? THE JUDICIARY. The Judiciary, especially the constitutional court has caused tension in the country by leaving the Presidential Petition hanging. When the elections results were challenged by the UPND, there was no conclusion and a winner was not declared. The constitutional court did not invalidate or validate the election of Edgar Lungu. Common sense demands that a winner should have been declared. No winner was declared.

The UPND took a civilised route by challenging the outcome in court. They had the right to be heard. They took the matter to the high court because after the failure of the referendum, only the high court has jurisdiction to preside over issues contained in the Bill of Rights. To date High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo a known PF cadre is Still dillydalling on the matter. This development has caused tension in the country and as a result criminals have taken advantage of the situation.

Even PF members themselves have taken adantage of the situation. Unfortunately enough with the declaration of the State of emergency, even pf members will be affected. No one carries a stamp on the forehead that they belong to this and that party. With the unprofessionalism we have witnessed from the Zambia Police, we all in for it. The electoral commission of Zambia is also to blame for this debacle.

The August 2016 elections were marred with so many irregularities under the leadership of Esau Chulu. He chose Gold and Silver (Money) in place on integrity. Thirdly it is Edgar Lungu himself is a problem. Lungu has never been in control of government.

His Political advisor Kaizer Zulu, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, Mumbi Phiri and Frank Bwalya have been running the show. All these have A background of being streek kids. How can he leave power to Lumpens. Anyway let us wait and see. We may just be a cursed country. We have left the leadership of the country to DOGS.


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