A letter to you President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. President,
Indeed our constitution allows a winner in an election to take all. We will for now safely assume that our constitution does not allow for disputed elections to be settled in any prescribed way. That is probably the reason why firstly, the speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini never got to act in your position when an election petition was lodged in as prescribed by our laws. That could also be the special reason why our constitutional court has never tried to interpret the laws that required him to do so up to this date. Our constitution is probably full of irrelevant rights that should have never been there in the first place. It appears no citizen has a right to seek judicial means to question machinations of the executive. This is probably why the DPP has unfettered rights to withdraw cases affecting members of your office.
It is saddening to note that your well addressed press-briefing on 6th July 2017 clearly showed your citizens that only one bitter group of citizens has forced you to invoke article 31 of our laws. You have never been bothered and will never be bothered by the fact that the actions that threaten the peace of our land are reactive in nature.
It is sad that you openly condemned the reactions of a particular region when a fishing camp was burnt down after the past Zambian elections. You have never openly condemned a well documented incidence of supporters of our Home Affairs minister that attempted to bring down a helicopter of an opposition leader in Shiwangandu or cadres that prevented another opposition leader from alighting from his plane in Ndola. You recently failed to mention to the nation that the recent Memorial Park incidence where some citizens left their homes armed with various weapons to go and attack and rob other mourners that belonged to a political party other than your own  was part of the reasons you are now compelled to seek more powers to arrest the security situation in our land.
Mr President, why are you so selective?
Is it really against our laws to allow citizens to wear certain political regalia in certain places and to hold political opinions other than your own?
Does it ever occur to you that our current political divisions apply to almost all citizens? Does it ever occur to you that citizens had a right to vote for leaders of their choice? Are you are aware that WHEN CITIZENS ARE DIVIDED IN POLITICAL OPINION IT MEANS farmers, nurses, teachers, miners, students, prostitutes, doctors, lawyers, policemen, fishermen, church members, petrol attendants, journalists, accountants, doctors, military personnel, business persons and others are divided in political opinion?
The nation hoped you would allow the courts to quickly attend to political cases arising from the previous elections but it appears the nation is wrong. The cases of Margret Mwanakatwe and Professor Nkandu Luo have taken long to conclude. It is implied that if the nullification of their seats is upheld that will be as good as a nullification of your election because the evidence is the same. The two ministers even have the audacity to maintain their campaign bill boards under your watch. When our constitutional court  ruled that former ministers must pay back monies obtained after parliament was dissolved wasn’t that an indictment on your victory? How did they manage to petition the ruling of a court of final jurisdiction?
Hon. Steven Kampyongo bemoaned the tension among our security wings in parliament when presenting the findings of a joint investigative committee that  looked into the death of a ZAF officer in police cells. Public opinion is that the tension is between the police that you are giving so much power and the other military wings. Why our president  would not treat his concerns as a source of immense worry is disturbing. The police command through the police spokesperson was quick to accuse other detainees of killing the officer when his death was actually occasioned by police officers. The powers that you have unleashed on us citizens are given to a bunch of citizens ranked as the most corrupt in our nation. This does not seem to bother you. it seems your appetite to hold on to your “winner takes all” victory is above the desires of citizens through our constitution.
What will stop our polarized police from unnecessarily abusing the rights of citizens that have rights to hold political opinion? The police can only be effective if they are trusted by citizens. They have not helped our situation at all. Kindly recall that a police force that prevented political gatherings on account of insufficient manpower actually had enough manpower to surround venues of such meetings. You can do better Sir!
The current political instability that has not led to tension but “terrorism” can be addressed using very simple means without much national expense. Your suggestions to the judiciary to quickly hear Hakainde’s court cases will do the magic. He is contesting his right to be heard even though you have shown us that he no longer enjoys the right to have your associates cited for contempt of court.
It is obvious that your extremely unprofessional police that proved in a court of record that no investigations were conducted before his arrest for treason will now have powers to release him by colluding with your DPP and later rearrest him indefinitely using newly acquired constitutional powers if they so wish. If you really mean well make sure you fill up our prisons with genuine law breakers not political prisoners.
The nation is where it is because Hakainde followed laid down procedures to contest his loss and his matters are still in our courts. Let our laws hear him.
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