Kampyongo targets UPND leadership by planting Guns.

Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo have planned further arrests of UPND leadership by smearing them with gun storage charges at their residences or their areas of operations. Kampyongo has instructed the now PF police to plant guns at the sites associated with the three members because they seem to now be holding the UPND together.

An early investigatory result shows that a few Police officers were planning for this operation and were preparing about fifty (50) Ak47 guns aimed to be planted at UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s, Sylvia Masebo’s and Mutale Nalumango’s residences or their official working places.
In the Dictator Lungu’s mind, the three hold the UPND together. While this line may holds some water, the dictator may just be shocked at the support the UPND has across the country should wide spread reactions commence. The past general elections show that the UPND scooped close to fifty (50) percent of the electorates across the country. Hence the support is substantial.
Dictator Edgar Lungu and his once Katondo street forex trader now Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo are under pressure to swiftly and quickly silence the UPND. Speculative target time frame set for this operation is two weeks.
Sources from the security wings have confirmed this position by Kampyongo through our investigator. One source said, “We have been given a target of people to arrest, including you Zambian Eagle, in the Political arena, we have GBM, Masebo and Nalumango. For the 3, we have been told that we go and plant weapons at their homes and then arrest them, this is why we are cleaning these 48 AK47 guns and we can hint to you that it will be bad, as these guys are now saying we target the 3 because the rest including UPND MPs are useless as they have  failed to defend their leader,” said our impeccable sources.
The source further said a meeting in which Kampyongo literally spelt out the operation ended badly. The police officers almost refused to expedite the operation as it would clearly reflect as a political fight. But hardcore former street vendor now Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo, instructed the police officers to proceed as planned as he stormed out of the meeting visibly an angry man.
This action shall further deteriorate the already poor image Zambia is portraying to the world. Zambia has further slid back into a poorly governed state with the “humble” dictator at the helm. Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu is running out of ideas on how to democratize dictatorship. What Lungu seems to miss is a significant point that riots that subdued KK took place under the state of emergency. When push comes to shove, and the citizenry demand their freedom even a State of Emergency is worthless.
Zambians must awaken and stop this dictator from destroying the beautiful country where all Zambians are free. A country where every Zambian could “stand and sing of Zambia proud and free”, but Now that has been converted to, “stand and sing of Zambia we are not free”. Cry our beloved mother Zambia.
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