How to use WhatsApp during state of emergency in Zambia

With dictatorship at its peak in Zambia, social media will be a target of monitoring by state agents. Although WhatsApp is impervious to the PF state encroachments, it is still advisable to put extra safety measures especially if you are politically active.

Many people now communicate via WhatsApp and the enemies of free speech are targeting this social platform. So here is our suggestion if you are really worried that the PF could be monitoring your communication. Use a foreign number.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Ask a friend who resides outside Zambia to buy a sim card.
  2. Tell your friend to insert the new sim in a handset
  3. Tell your friend to send you the new number (from new simcard)
  4. On your WhatsApp, go to ‘change number’
  5. Enter the foreign number which has been sent to you by your friend and follow prompts
  6. WhatsApp wiil send a verification code to your friend (through new number)
  7. Tell your friend to send you the verification code
  8. Enter the verification code on your WhatsApp as required
  9. You are done. Tell your friend to discard the simcard. Your WhatsApp account information, groups and setting will have been migrated to the new, foreign number but your phone handset will retain your Zambian number and you can communicate as usual.
  10. You can now seat at Arcades and use your WhatsApp as if you are in Afghanistan


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