Dictator Lungu orders Kalaba to meet diplomats and try to assure them that Zambia is still peaceful.

While insulting donors such as the IMF in public, in private dictator Edgar Lungu is desperately trying to make peace with diplomats. He has just directed Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba, the only sober voice in PF, to meet diplomats and try to assure them of PF Government’s commitment towards upholding peace. Kalaba will meet diplomats accredited to Zambia today at 15 hours at Mulungushi conference centre.

Meanwhile, just after meeting envoys, Kalaba and his fellow PF MPs will go to parliament to endorse and rubber stamp the state of emergency declared by dictator Edgar Lungu which, by the way, will once again be gainst the law as it will not be a full parliament. Said Kalaba: “I want to reassure the nation and the international community that Zambia is peaceful and everything is fine. And today, at 15:00 hours the President has tasked me to meet members of the diplomatic corps at Mulungushi International Conference Centre to re-assure them that Zambia is safe and very peaceful.

Despite the state of emergence and detention of opposition leaders and their supporters, “the international community should be reassured that their investment is in safe hands,” Kalaba said.


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