PF Dictatorial regime asks UK to extradite social media critic Mweetwa.

PF high commissioner to UK Muyeba Chikonde has formally written to the Protocol Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to extradite Larry Mweetwa to face the wrath of the Zambian regime , according to the PF media team. Zambia is currently under a state of emergency and if UK surrenders Mweetwa to Zambia, he will be detained without trial for a long time.

The leader of the opposition Hakainde Hichilema has been in jail for more than three months without trial. Chikonde claimed that Mweetwa a Zambian who lives in London and an ad hoc follower of Hakainde Hichilema has for a long time been issuing “inflammatory and subversive comments inciting people to commit terrorism activities in Zambia.”

The Zambian mission informed the British authorities that Mr Mweetwa posted a message on his Facebook page praising the acts of suspected sabotage that and led to further arson attacks such as the gutting of public courts and the most recent inferno that burnt down Zambia’s biggest marker living more than 1000 traders famished. Zambia High Commission to London confirmed the development to the PF media team stating that the letter was written last week.

In the letter the commission states that they are alarmed by Mweetwa’s postings and have thus decided to write to the British Protocol Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to work together with them and make him answerable for his remarks.

According to the notice, Mr Mweetwa’s last known address is 4 Whigift Street, 15 Centreview Apartments, London CRO 1EX. Chikonde claimed Mweetwa in his Facebook postings has not only urged Zambian citizens to burn the country down but has also admitted to releasing funds to pay vulnerable people to commit acts of vandalism. According to the PF media,

In his most recent posting that has taken a stir in society Mweetwa wrote: “LUSAKA ON FIRE NOW AS I SPEAK Due TO HH ARREST. Job well done bane let’s intensify such actions and defend democracy.” The truth of the matter, however, is that the posting was fake as the Facebook account was created by the PF peabrains in an attempt to incriminate Mweetwa who for a long time has been challenging the PF tyranny.


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