City Market was burnt by PF agents.

Though we knew that the PF parliament was going to affirm the declaration of whatever emergency, we had to wait for the PF Lumpens you call Members of Parliament to debate and vote on the motion before we wrote this. A CHALLENGE TO DICTATOR LUNGU AND HIS MINIONS. WE DECLARE THAT IT IS GOVERNMENT AGENTS THAT TORCHED CITY MARKET.

We challenge Edgar Lungu to dispute the fact that it is government agents that torched City Market. We are aware that Cabinet was supposed to discuss the declaration of state of emergency on Friday June 30. 2017. When was City Market torched? We are aware that Cabinet was supposed to discuss this topic before Lungu left to drink Alcohol like Fish in water in Addis Ababa. We are aware that Cabinet failed to sit because most Ministers were out of town on Long weekend.

We challenge Lungu to publish the Cabinet Agenda that was circulated by the Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska on June 30.2017. Was there not declaration of state of emergency on the Agenda? Was this not way before the City Market fire?

We also challenge Lungu to publish names of PF cadres that they call PF security at city market that entered the market 10 minutes before the fire started. What role does a Mr. Mumbi, Mr. Chipasha and Mrs.Banda play in the running of City Market?

Since Edgar says Zesco had informed him that there was no power surge, did anyone fill in the customer complaint form from Zesco’s Legal Department? We are aware that every time there is such an incident a customer fills in the form that engineers use to conduct independent investigations.

We Challenge Lungu to direct his minister of energy David Mabumba or that Sex Maniac called Victor Mundende the Zesco Managing Director to publish the report. We will continue with this story at a later date but for now we have challenged Lungu. If he wants to challenge us, let him present the suspects.

City Market was torched by State Agents. Fire started after PF security entered the market. An eye witness was recorded by Dead N BC (ZNBC) confirming this. Cabinet was supposed to discuss emergency powers way before Lungu left for Addis Ababa. Only a fool would miss the obvious setup that only a set of bumbling fools like the PF government are capable of.


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