Flashback… HH & GBM targeted for treason.

Posted on October 12, 2016
In total desperation, the PF have realized that the UPND gallants, HH & GBM are too clean and way too high to be easily destructed from their determined goal to get back their stolen vote in the past general election. Because of this, the dual’s political status has continued to gain positive international attention and concern. This is unsettling for the PF, both at home and internationally. Several efforts have been made to try and drag down HH & GBM to the PF level of thuggery kind of politics, but alas this has not yielded a favorable outcome for the PF.
Emanating from several Local Government and MP petitions ongoing, the PF is being proven to have indeed rigged the elections and abused the government machinery to do so. Efforts to drug down both HH & GBM has taken many twists and turns. One of the paths being pursued now, is to get a treason charge for both of them and have them locked up for a very long time.
Reliable sources from the inner circle of the PF evil planning  team, indicate that possibility of using the now PF security wings to further arm some thugs to cause chaos in the nation, then associate the caused chaos with UPND gallants, HH and GBM. When these thugs get arrested, they will then implicate HH and GBM.
Based on that chaos, get HH and GBM arrested and charge them with treason.
Upon arrest, the paid up corrupted clergy, judiciary and NGOs will then be unleashed for propaganda and seeming clean judiciary through the PF media as has been going on. The state owned media houses shall continue to drum up and propagate the treason lies-case and build on it to get more PF sympathy from the Zambian citizens.
This is a scheme PF is pursuing in the quest to cage the two UPND leaders in the hope that most Zambians shall lose hope and let go of the stolen vote fight. The PF is desperate in trying to legitimize its hold onto the stolen election and an outright coup of the Zambian government. As unfair and and as inhuman as it is, the few people leading in these scandalous plans seem to be determined to the bitter end without shame. What a ploy. How can our nation sink so low. How can men and women of God be trashed up in such a mess so as to further deprive this beautiful Zambian nation.
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