Lusaka Water MD fired for refusing to buy PF thug a Vehicle

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director Syvester Mashamba has been fired for refusing to buy a vehicle for the Board Chairperson. According to sources from the Ministry of Water Affairs, Company Board Chairperson Paul Moonga dismissed Dr. Mashamba last week. ” What happened is that Mr. Moonga asked the MD to buy him a brand new Toyota Landcruiser VX worth K1.2 million.

Dr. Mashamba refused saying a board chairperson is part time so he did not deserve the vehicle. Moonga argued saying all his fellow board chairpersons like Zicta, RDA, Zesco, National Roads Fund Agency have been bought vehicle but Mashamba said he believed the system of buying board Chairpersons motor vehicles was against good corporate governance” the source said. The source said at this stage Dr. Mashamba asked Mr. Moonga to put the request in writing but Moonga refused and instead fired Dr. Mashamba. This is true to form of all PF thugs that Lungu has put in charge of parastatals or quasi parastatals.

Mashamba has since been replaced by a gentleman from the Water Resources Management Authority (Warma). The source further said Mashamba also differed with the board chairperson over issues to do with staff recruitment. ” At the company we are told the chair has taken over the issue of staff recruitment. Mashamba wanted a Mr..Nshamba Muzungu to be elevated from Public Relations Officer to Manager but Moonga brought in Mr. Patson Phiri as Manager and gave him a contract without the MD’s knowledge.

The Minister of Water and Sanitation and the PS Edward Chomba are aware of this but they say cadres like Paul Moonga are untouchable” the source said. The source wondered how the country can progress if professional like Mashamba can be treated like that. Before going to Lusaka Water, Dr. Mashamba served as Dean School of Built Environment at Copperbelt University and also as Executive Director at National Council for Construction. As for Paul Moonga the board chairperson his only back ground is being a Bricklayer and selling smuggled imported beer at Club Mulamu in Kabwata.


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