Corrupt Chitotela gets vehicles from RDA

Housing and infrastructure development minister Ronald Chitotela has demanded a Toyota VX from the Road Development Agency.

And some contractors have complained that Chitotela has taken charge of deciding which contractor gets paid, according to the Mast newspaper. But then, there is nothing surprising here, the so called president Edgar Lungu is the most corrupt of all so people like this gumugumu have nothing to fear.

Chitotela, who already has a ministerial vehicle, asked Road Development Agency (RDA) to give him another vehicle from the institution’s projects.

He has gotten a Toyota VX from RDA, and you know those are not cheap vehicles, they cost almost K2 million. Even the PS got…it is an abuse for the institution to buy vehicles for those two using a project. In what capacity are they having those vehicles bought for them? That cannot be done even for the RDA chief executive, not at all, an RDA source opposed to the purchase of vehicles for Chitotela and his permanent secretary Charles Mushota.

“Everyone is scared here to talk about this issue. It is because of the threats of being kicked out of employment. You try asking the CEO [Elias Mwape] or the PR to confirm this issue. They will all run away from it, they can’t attempt to say anything at all – not even a ‘no comment’ because they are clearly aware that what has been done is wrong.”


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