PF Police abduct more people from Livingstone, Joe Mwale shocked

Former Zambia’s Ambassador to Japan Joe Mwale has disclosed that State Security Agencies picked up several people from Livingstone, blindfolded them and flew them to Lusaka. Ambassador Mwale told the Mast Newspaper that he does not believe such a thing is happening in Zambia.

” I failed to believe the incident that happened in Livingstone where Police just went in people’s homes and started making arrests. Can you believe that this government has the audacity of spending Taxpayers money, blindfold those innocent people who were arrested and bundle them in a plane” he said.

He wondered how the PF can arrest people in such a fashion. ” You pick people who have not committed any crime and you fly them all the way from Livingstone to Lusaka. Their families are in Livingstone so who is going to take food for them? Why seperate them from their families. If this is not dictatorship then what is it?” he asked.

Ambassador Mwale says in Zambia today everyone is potentially under arrest especially after Stephen Kampyongo has given powers to PF cadres who will not take criminals but people with different opinions.


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