PF ministers threaten to beat and hack Kambwili as they expell him.

PF ministers today took turns at hurling foul language and threatened to injure Roan MP and former information minister Chishimba Kambwili who has since been expelled from the party he founded along with late President Michael Sata but Kambwili says the expulsion is illegal. Kambwili also risks to be detained by Lungu under the notorious article 31.

Home affairs minister who is also chairman for PF youths and security Stephen Kampyongo, State house minister Freedom Sikazwe, lands minister Jean Kapata and Nixon Chilangwa, the Luapula province minister are the lead ministers who were abused by dictator Edgar Lungu to expel Kambwili and threaten physical harm during the PF central committee meeting at state house today.

According to an insider who also attended the meeting, Kampyongo told Lungu that “If we start hacking people don’t make police come after us” while Chilangwa said that he would start mobilising people to beat the likes of Kambwili. “All this unseen nonsense in the party hierarchy was being witnessed in the presence of Lungu as chairman and as president of the party. Lungu is not serious at all”, said the source who also attended the meeting.

And to completely shut down Kambwili, Lungu is set to sign a restriction order to bar Kambwili from moving into PF strongholds such as Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Copperbelt provinces mobilising people. The restriction is part of the nonsense pronouncements that were announced by Justice minister Given Lubinda yesterday and calculated a day before the fate of Kambwili.

All things being equal, Kambwili has more followers in PF than Lungu and if allowed fairground through a party election he is capable of beating Lungu pants down.



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