Police must explain how truck beat roadblocks.

The tragic traffic accident that claimed 11 lives  ( 3 kids and 8 adults ) a few nights ago on 20th July 2017, raises more questions than answers.

The night ban of public service vehicles and trucks is still very much in place and so we wonder how this particular truck evaded a chain of night Police check points along the way.

We have always been of the view that the more Government lays out stringent and excessive control measures in the area of road traffic control, the more it becomes lucrative for corrupt wayward traffic officers.

We have time and again advised the PF that what Police need is not more power, but more training to manage the powers they already have which they are massively abusing. This is not suprising seeing how corrupt the PF government itself is.

The issue of traffic fines that are so high that average Zambians can’t afford them is a case in point. Most of the penalties are circa K350 each and most citizens upon being solicited for “yamanzi” or “tiyende ku wire”, will prefer the former than the latter.

And so it beats out imagination that despite all this, Government will still arm the police with even more and more power while their effectiveness at law enforcement continued to nose dive due to corruption.

It is in view of the above that we call upon the Inspector General of Police to investigate how a truck laden with so many people was allowed to drive through multiple security and traffic check points without being impounded. The blood of those poor people is on his corrupt shoulders.

RATSA have also issued a statement that they are saddened by this development. this seems to be a standard statement issued when there is a dasaster like this one. While they may be genuine in their sentiments, we see no positive action that they are taking to reduce the number of accidents in spit of the large numbers of people killed this year alone. The are just as currupt and calpable as the useless PF police and it is our opinion that they should be scrapped.

zambian watchdog.

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