Kambwili says Lungu is deceptive, and questions the $200m digital migration scandal

Speaking on Muvi TV Special ‘Assignment’ program which was broadcast outside the TV station premises Kambwili attacked Lungu for the deceptive manner he called the PF Saturday Central committee meeting where he said it was reconciliatory but turned out to be a Kangaroo court to eject him and former Chimwemwe MP Mwenya Musenge from the party they founded. He reiterated that he was only kneeling but not fallen down completely.

Kambwili also criticised the fruitless foreign trips by Lungu describing them as very costly and also dissociated himself from the corruption in the digital migration contract with Chinese firm Start times. He said for the digital migration process, Lungu travelled with other people to China but left him out of the trip even when he was minister of information and the agenda involved him directly. He wondered how the country could spent $200m to migrate the six provinces when migrating four only cost $9m. He charged that the PF general membership and citizens were annoyed with PF.

Kambwili also disclosed that State house Press aide wired K50,000 to him for PF campaigns in 2016 but he spent more than K2m for the whole exercise he took to campaign for Lungu and the PF. He admitted that PF in its current state was getting weaker and could easily lose an election if they went to polls today. He praised the UPND as having gained ground throughout the previous elections.

And responding to PF secretary general Davies Mwila who has challenged him for a by election in Roan to prove his popularity, he said that he would fight the expulsion in court and cannot have by election while people are suffering. Kambwili said that it was wrong for Lungu to abuse the party presidency with impunity when he declared that he is alpha and omega of PF because even after admitting that procedure was breached in the Saturday meeting he went on with expelling the duo.

He further exposed that the Daily Nation newspaper owned by corruption ex convict Richard Sakala is mouthpiece for state house and gets directives from there.

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