State capture: drug lord at state house gate.

This is Local drug lord Valden Findlay with one of his couriers Andrew Chellah right at state house gate taking photos.

Findlay is the owner of Chrismah hotel, a drug hub. He is a drinking mate of Edgar Lungu and major financier of the PF. He is one of the many Zambians of foreign origin criminals who have captured the Zambian state under Lungu.

His drug courier Chellah was yesterday sworn in as Lungu’ Special Assistant for Projects implementation and monitoring.

His other income generating activities include organising prostitutes for rich men. He conducts his pimping business at Findlay’s hotel Chrismah.

Remember that Findlay is a close friend of Rupiah Banda and those with good memories will remember that the MMD secretatrait was once hosted at Findlay’s house. At that time, another friend/beneficiary of Findlay, Derick Mbita  Chitala (you can call him Bitter Chikala) became Rupiah Banda’s campaign manager. You might not know, but Chitala is now Zesco board chairperson, thanks to appointing authority – Findlay.

And some people still think PF is still in power?

Findlay was arrested in 2008 by the Drug Enforcement Commission for money laundering offences and for lending money illegally without a license. In total, it was suggested that K200 million passed through his Actis Bureau de Change company. His cases were simply dropped after Rupiah Banda became president.

We already told you that he is the owner of Lusaka’s Chrismar Hotel, a hot spot for drugs, prostitution and guests have been robbed of possessions in arranged operations.

In 2009 Findlay was arrested by international authorities in Hong Kong for widespread forgery after it was discovered that Findlay had been travelling using a number of different passports. Again Rupiah Banda reprieved him by requesting his transfer back to Zambia to face trial.

Once  he arrived back in Zambia he was never prosecuted and remains at large. Now he is the man behind the Zambian throne telling Lungu who to appoint or dismiss over a bottle of beer.

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