Zambian police drag opposition leader  from live TV interview, detain him. 

United progressive people leader Saviour Chishimba has been pick by police from Diamond TV were he was featuring on a programme.
According to a brief statement by UPP spokesperson Kizito Mukuka ,Chishimba has been taken to Police Hadquarters for questioning.
This is the first time in the history of this Country where Police have stormed a live studio to arrest an opposition leader.
In April this year, heavily armed masked police, raided the house of  Zambia’s biggest opposition party, the UPND and arrested its President, Hakainde Hichilema. The police special forces sprayed nerve gas in the house, brutalized and tortured his staff, as Hichilema sought safety in a bunker within the condominium and refused to surrender in the absence of his legal team.
He was later slapped with a ridiculous charge of treason that carries the maximum of death and minimum of 15 years with hard labour, for an offence that appeared to be a traffic dispute between two convoys. In normal circumstances, his driver would have got away with a maximum fine of US $50. Mr Hichilema remains incarcerated as his glacier pace case remains unheard by the courts of law.
Meanwhile the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Mr Chishimba remain unclear. The opposition leader has however been a constant critic of Edgar Lungu’s Government which he accuses of rampart corruption and dictatorship.
His arrest comes a few days before the South African President Jacob Zuma pays a State visit to Zambia. The visit has been received with mixed reaction in South Africa with many viewing it as an endorsement of despotism of the dictator.
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