ZIALE lecturers are very dull, says dull PF minister Lubinda.

Typical of this PF government, PF Minister  of Justice Given Lubinda says lecturers at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) are dull and this is reflected in the failure rate by law students.
Lubinda has since summoned ZIALE Lecturers to his office so that they can explain why they have ignored his directives to make students just pass. Lubinda, who has a certificate in agriculture from NRDC, is scheduled to meet the law professors today at his office and blast them for their dullness.
Ahead of the meeting, Lubinda told journalist that there is something “terribly wrong” at the law school. “This low pass rate does not only reflect the poor performance of the students but also the lecturers and the institution at large,”
Lubinda insulted the law teachers. said in October last year, he directed the ZIALE council to give him strategies on how it hoped to improve the student pass rate but that nothing has been done to date. “I don’t think there is any lecturer at ZIALE who should be feeling proud today that their mid-year examination student pass rate is only two percent,” he said.
We dare say that its not about the number or the pass rate but the quality of lawyers they produce and thus far they have tried to produced good ones but then what would clueless Lubinda know about quality education.
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