Lungu’s ‘leadership’ is from Satan not God

Not all leadership come from God. From the onset we would like to state here that we believe in the God Almighty the Father of Jesus Christ. We have heard several times people say please respect government leadership as it comes fron God.
The question then is which God or is it god? Here is why we ask. Could the Loving God make a murderer a President? Could God make someone a leader who would later kill God’s people? Since the God we know knows even our future can we say God did not know the future? Here are few examples. General Idi Amini of Uganda. Can it be said that he was installed by God? What of Aldof Hitler who murdered God’s chosen tribe the Jewish. Surely could God have made him a leader and later kill his own? Emperor Bokasa one time President of Congo Brazzavile fed his dignitaries that included several Presidents from Africa Human Flesh for Dinner. Could this leader have been ordained by God?
Let us come back to our own country. For those who have been following the Mwaliteta case. Have you seen how his family has been tormented? Look at how Hakainde Hichilema was arrested from his house, how his wife was treated, his Children, his workers. Mwaliteta’s daughter yesterday collapsed at the High Court when the verdict of acquittal was pronounced by the judge. Look at the mental torture. Look at what Syvia Masebo is going through for doing the right thing. Cancelling Tenders that monopolised hunting done by Given Lubinda’s friends the Gulam Patels has made her frequent the courta everyday. Look at GBM and Saviour Chishimba. Going to court for using Idioms.
Frank Bwalya once used an Idiom saying Sata was Chumbu Mushololwa meaning a Potato can not be straightained. He was dragged to court in Kasama and he was acquitted. Today he is the one who wants others to go through what he went through. Surely let us be fair. How can someone spend a year in jail for trying to protect votes for his political party? Certainly Edgar Lungu’s leadership with the Kaizer Zulus, Mumbi Phiri, Amos Chanda, Kakoma Kanganjas of this world does not come from God but god. Certainly not all leadership is from the almighty God.
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