Police summon HH thanksgiving convening Pastor Kangwa Chileshe.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner this morning sent a Police call out for one of the convenors of the Thanks Giving prayers for the release of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
Pastor Chileshe Kangwa was this morning called for a ‘meeting’ whose agenda was not specified, by Lusaka Division Commanding Officer Nelson Phiri.
The Interdenominational  thanks giving service will be held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross at 14hrs today and it is not known whether Pastor Kangwa is being summoned in connection to the same function.
Most observers view this move as a State tactic to intimidate the cleric though it is not known whether worshipping and praising God is also restricted under the current state of threatened emergency which was declared by Mr Edgar Lungu, to allegedly curb a spate of fires that had broken out in some parts of the Country.
This is not the first time prayers have been convened for the UPND President as shortly after his incarceration, a number of Churches convened at the same venue, for intercessory prayers for his release.
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