PF distances itself from police action on cancellation of prayers.

In another bizarre turn of events, flip flopping and policy inconsistency, the PF Party which seems not to be well versed with  the separation of State and party functions, has issued out a statement exonerating itself from police action, that saw an inter denomitional prayer service, whose intention was to thank God for peace and the release of Hakainde Hichilema, barred from taking place.

In a starement released by Sunday Chanda the PF media propagandist, the PF Secretary General Davies Mwila is quoted distancing the Party from Police, claiming they make their own good or bad decisions.

“The PF Secretary General Davis Mwila said the ruling Party should not be blamed for the cancellation of the Thanksgiving prayers for HH’s release because Police make ‘independent’ decisions bad or good.”

The PF statement was a reaction to the UPND Chairperson Mutale Nalumango’s communique, where she vehemently accused the PF Government of being evil and undemocratic for instructing heavily armed Police, to surround the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross and stop the prayer service.

The PF officials have in the past been known to issue public instructions to the Police, bordered on political expidiency on matters that involve the UPND political mobilization and activities.

The Police yesterday also declined the UPND, a permit for a party membership renewal exercise, citing ‘security concerns’ due to the state of emergency that was declared by Mr Edgar Lungu to allegedly curb a breakout of a spate of fires which many think the PF agents were deliberately starting.

The cancellation of the prayer service and the surrounding and sealing of the Cathedral by heavily armed Police with dogs and horses, has been viewed by many as demeaning and an affront to the dignity and decorum of the Anglican Church, who are the owners of the Cathedral, that has hosted important dignitaries like the British Monarch Queen Elizabeth, who is also the Head of the Commonwealth, which Zambia is a member of.

This is the same venue where reconciliation talks between Zambia’s first President Kenneth David Kaunda and former unionist Fredrick Titus Jacob Chiluba that ushered in multiparty democracy, were held.

The statement by the PF is being seen as a confirmation of the damage and severe embarrassment,the Police action has inflicted on a scandal ridden Government, that has experienced a spate of unending public relations  melt downs, since last week at the SADC conference in Pretoria, where Lungu was embarrassingly snubbed by two of South  Africa’s top opposition party leaders, whom he had ‘summoned’ for a meeting.

The characteristic of dictatorship is one Edgar Lungu has unsuccessfully tried to shake off, and the barring of prayers by his politically biased, partisan and compromised Police didnt seem to help matters for him.

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