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Lungu’s new Government appointments a strong reflection of an increasingly Ethnically divided Country.

If there has been any doubt on how divided Zambia is along narrow sectarian lines, Lungu’s new Government appointments have clearly shown the deep cracks of a dying unified statehood. Much past debate was dedicated to Lungu’s strategy  on retiring Zambians from a selected number of regions in the infamous ‘National Interest’, a term that […]

Lungu is corruption number one, says Kambwili

Appoint Parliamentary Select Committee to probe corruption – Kambwili* “I’ve laid evidence on the table, President Edgar Lungu is Corruption One”! Former Minister of Information Chishimba Kambwili has called on the Speaker of the National Assembly to set up a special parliamentary select committee to probe serious allegations of corruption. Speaking at a press conference […]

What a shameless pretender and hypocrite!

It’s unbelievable that Dictator Edgar Lungu could stand before the United Nations General Assembly and talk, or rather lie, about democracy, pledging his government’s solidarity with those nations undertaking the necessary actions in deepening their democracies.   Edgar is also talking about people in Africa exercising their democratic right of choice of leaders. He did […]