Africa puts ‘election observer industry’ in a tight spot.

The Zambian Presidency whose ‘legitimacy’ is anchored on declarations made by several International election observer missions that viewed the electoral process as free and fair will without doubt be strained by the nullification of the Kenyan election by that Country’s supreme court. This is because most grounds if not all, that have been cited by the Kenyan Supreme Court have striking similarities with those of Zambia.

The absence of a summary form (form 7 in our case), the use of and abuse of public resources, the use of the antiquated public order act to restriction the movements of opposition by State agents and apparatus, the denial of use of public media of opposition, the interference and hacking of IT systems by state agents, etecetra etecetra, are some of the many grounds Raila Odinga used to challenge the election result.

“The nullification is very impressive and is a manifestation of a truly independent and credible Judiciary of high intergrity that has put its country and the rule of law first”, observes a  retired senior and veteran Zambian diplomat.

images (39)That’s as far as it can go in terms of credibility and intergrity, but not so for international observers whose views have now turned out to be disgraceful, down right appalling and fake.

The observers ironically hail from so called advanced democracies like the European Union, the US and from bodies like the Commonwealth, the AU, SADC that are well funded by Western donors. Is the Kenyan election exposing a serious conspiracy and well organised imperialist syndicate that wishes to keep Africa in perpetual conflict while they feast on its carcass like vultures?

Is it not remarkable and ironical that Baroness Patricia Scotland who wants the UPND to forego its right and insistence that the petition must be heard going foward, is Head of the Commonwealth, a body that declared the Zambian and Kenyan elections as free and fair?

Most election observers always seem to be in a hurry to stamp a seal of approval based on results announced by the local Electoral Commission that is usually heavily compromised by the Executive, and plug their ears to after effect indicators of fraud that are raised by the opposition.

There is a tendancy  by  these now so called observers to just visit one primary school where voting takes place and make a conclusion that everything is right. What in effect needs to happen in any observer mission, if they are ever to be taken seriously again, is that they need to do a lot of background checks on the electoral system of the particular country they are deployed, identifying the inherent weakneses and loopholes in the system prior to the election itself and before making these tourist like conclusions.

They have been in the habit of making assessments that are  guaranteed to please the ruling party, the country’s business community, as well as international investors, none of which is part of their mandate.

The little credibility the International election monitors had, has been thrown to the wind and as a matter of fact their future verdicts will be a breeding ground for insecurity and conflict. International observers cannot be trusted anymore unless their participation will include in efforts to overhaul, reform and level the playing field of electoral processes and judicial grievance procedures, in line with fair play and justice.

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry, who led the Carter Center’s observer mission in Kenya, noted that, “Kenya has made a remarkable statement to Africa and the world about its democracy and the character of that democracy. Don’t let anybody besmirch that.” REALLY?!


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