Let Kaizer Zulu enjoy his prostitutes, says Lungu

Edgar Lungu’ advisor  Kaiser Zulu on Friday night attempted to bribe Zambians that witnessed his fracas over a girl so that they don’t tell dictactor Lungu or any person in his entourage.

download (12)State House sources said Zulu splashed out thousands of dollars to Zambians pleading with them not to tell anybody of what had transpired.
“Ha KZ  really panicked and released cash to patrons so that the news does not reach the boss. Unfortunately for him the intelligence information had already reached lunch” said the source.
The source said that when lungu was informed he merely said that people should allow Zulu to enjoy his life.
” What shocked us is that when we informed the boss he casually said let Kaizer enjoy. He is a young man with a lot of energy and let him enjoy as much as he wants,” said the source.

The state House source further said that Lungu would never fire Kaizer despite his the long list of scandals committed in public.
” He can’t be fired no matter how you people write. He steals with him so he is well protected , ” said the source

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