Kenyatta’s reaction to Supreme Court Verdict relevant to Concourt/Miyanda Verdict .

Martin Mbenga writes:

Kenyatta’s reaction to the Supreme Court decision which invalidated his election and declared it null and void is shocking, to say the least.

So all along Kenyatta thought the Supreme Court’s constitutional role in the electoral process was merely to rubber stamp the ruling party’s election victory?

And he appears to have declared a winner again before the poll is held by saying “we will fix it”? Suppose he loses this time around, how will his team/party “fix it”?

And he appears to have forgotten that the same Supreme Court is still very much the lock and key, should there be a petition again. How will he fix the court if another petition is filed after the re-run?

Anyway, his reaction is typically the very reason why in Zambia, it is entrenched in the Constitution that the incumbent must hand over power when a presidential petition is filed.

With the Constitutional Court having made a decision on this issue in the General Miyanda versus Attorney General case, it is hoped that it will be automatic for the incumbent to hand over power to the Speaker in case a petition is filed against his re-election, or he files one if he loses the election.

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