Looting through Infrastructural Development-The case of the PF government.

amosPart of the unexplained wealth gain amidst some PF politicians and some public servants is from excess monies on overpriced costs of expediting infrastructural development projects. The PF sung and shouted loudly about massive infrastructural developmental projects but conveniently forgot to say that alongside this seemingly better good, there lay the unprecedented public resources looting machinery

EMA quick check in the sub-region indicates that the cost of constructing roads in Zambia is far too way more costly than all other nations in the sub-region.

thOn average, the cost of constructing 1 km of road in the countries where some details were gotten are as follows;

No. Country Road Cost US$ per km Times Cheaper than Zambia
1 South Africa 420,000 3.33
2 Botswana 380,000 3.68
3 Zimbabwe 520,000 2.69
4 Zambia 1,400,000 1.00

Further making the comparison to the Zambian unit kilometer cost yields alarming revelations. The South African case shall be used as a median between Botswana and Zimbabwe
Charles1South African roads are US$880,000 cheaper to construct per Km than Zambian roads. If the South African road contractors were to be used then Zambia would save about US$900,000 for every km of road constructed. This is a grave loss of public funds and to make matters worse the extra funds find their way into the greedy, dirty grubby hands and the looting machine of the PF politicians.

Bringing it into perspective, under the Link Lusaka 4’000km alone, the PF Government spent US$5.6 Billion at the Zambian rate (US$1.4 Million/km) versus US$1.68 Billion that could have been spent at the South African rate (US$420,000/km). In true reflection, the PF Government spent US$3.92Million more than it would cost in South Africa to construct 4’000km. In short US$3.92Billion was looted by the PF politicians.

The PF embarked on a massive infrastructural development including roads, schools, clinics and some massive projects in the energy sector. Kafue Gorge Lower project was commissioned for the 750MW hydro power station in 2011 at a cost US$1.4Billion. The PF in their looting ingenuity recast the same project and up scaled it to US$2.0 Billion. Clearly inflating the cost by US$600 Million for the same site, same work volume and same power capacity. The looting of excess funds is done by and for specified beneficiaries. This rot would start to explain the unexplainable wealth by the PF looting teams in politics circles and civil servants in positions of influence.

What must be made clear is the fact that these funds are all borrowed on behalf of all Zambians  by the Zambian Government. These loans have to be paid back by tax payers on agreed terms. What that in turn means is that our children will have to pay back these mones that they are not even benefiting from.


Most of the PF politicians and PF appointed Civil and Public servants are now bathing and swimming in unexplained wealth. The massive infrastructural development the PF embarked on has come along with massive taxpayers’ *Looting Find Scheme* by these unscrupulous and corrupt politicians and some public servants.
These heartless people live lavishly while the millions of Zambians are wallowing in poverty. From our images-14quick investigation, the obvious names whose wealth cannot be explained that has been accumulated in such a short time include but not limited to Kaiser Zulu, Amos Chanda, Christopher Yaluma, Stephen Kampyongo, Jean Kapata, Chitotela, Brig Gen Madam Chola PS, Bowman Lusambo, Charles Mushota PS, Dora Soliya, Geoffrey Musonda, Felix Mutati, Victor Mundende etc.kz1

Under MMD the average cost of constructing a standard per1km terminated at $750,000. Under the PF it has doubled. Clearly PF does not mean well. Their interest is to loot as much as they can. The chickens will surely one day come to roost and these thugs will have their day in court and be answerable for all the evil they have done to the full extent of the law.

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