Kambwili Clobbered by MMD thug.

The Story of the Arab and the Camel. News coming out of our defunct Parliament that former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili was battered by MMD die hard Coordinator Bowman Lusambo is very unfortunate but it reminds us of the story of the Arab and the Camel.

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When the Arab invited the Camel to take shelter in the tent, the Camel ended chucking the Arab out. This is what is happening to Chishimba Kambwili. We sympathise with him though we are aware that he called us names and threatened to bring FBI to close this site. He has not done so and he will not. We are also aware that Kambwili defended Patriotic Front and Edgar Lungu’s stupidity when he served in the government and never accepted that PF was a failed project. However, they say better late than never so we welcome his revelations of corruption. We are aware that Chishimba Kambwili, Charles Chimumbwa and GBM were some of the first people to finance the Patriotic Front. Even when Jean Kapata and Mumbi Phiri where locked up by the MMD Police then for honking, it was Kambwili who made the loudest noise to have them released. The only sacrifice Jean Kapata has made is to honk and be locked up for two days at Lusaka Central Police. Bowman Lusambo then was celebrating. By this time Bowman was surviving on being hired by politicians to insult opposition politicians. Today Bowman Lusambo has the audacity to slap the founder Member of PF and someone of close to his Father’s age. The question is why? The answer is simple. The guilty are always afraid. Bowman is a thief fullstop.

As of Jean Kapata we are aware that she does Mukula business through her Nigerian Boyfriend or is it Manfriend. Bowman has not only been collecting money from Chingola as revealed by Kambwili but several other people including some crooks in Ndola the friends to Edgar Lungu and Rupiah Banda. The Ventriglias of the Zambezi Portland Cement through a guy called Gomeli Litana. Bowman also collects from Ndola based Chinese called Mei Mei who runs a ramshackle of a place they call a Wholesale just after Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

What he did is that he first went to their place with some fake journalists from Dead NBC (ZNBC) and threatened to close them saying that their structure was near to the road.

What he forgot is that his boss Edgar Lungu is the one who went to officially open that Ramshackle. When State House intervened, Bowman turned the Chinese into a money Garden. Kambwili has been very clear over his allegations. He says those who think he is accusing them should drag him to court.

For the first time we agree with that Lumpen called Mumbi Phiri. Those accused should clear their names either by showing proof of their wealth or suing Kambwili. Full stop. Beating Kambwili is admission of guilt. Kambwili as Member of Central Committee invited Bowman to PF and now he is not only been chased but clobbered. The story of the Arab and the Camel.

Knowing Speaker Patrick Matibini nothing will happen. He is just another foolish PF lapdog. Kambwili should report to the PF Police not to have those thugs arrested because Stephen Kampyongo and the PIG (Police Inspector General) can not allow it but to put it on record for future action. PF will not be in power forever.

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