Cholera outbreak in Lusaka as PF continues to defend USD42m Fire Tenders.

The Zambian Ministry of Health has confirmed the outbreak of the dreaded waterborne disease, Cholera in Lusaka’s Chipata Township.

Other affected areas are Kabanana, Mazyopa and SOS village which are a stone’s throw away from the sprawling High density Townships of Mandevu and Matero.

In a communique released to the press and signed by Dr Maxmillan Bweupe, the Ministry of Health’s Director of Policy and Planning who is also the MOH spokesman, Dr Bweupe counsels Lusaka residents “to stick to basic hygiene by ensuring you wash your hands and desist from buying ready to eat food from street vendors”

The outbreak comes in the wake of the public outcry of the PF’s extravagant purchase of 42 Fire Tenders at US $1 million each instead of of investing it in health or education. Many Zambians have  viewed this as reckless spending of public money in areas where transactions appear to be laced with corruption and a lack of accountability.

The Fire Tenders that many people believe are second hand were  acquired by Grandview Ltd, a company incorporated less than 12 months ago but is said to be linked to high ranking PF Party and Government officials.

The PF have defended the purchase of the vehicles, citing the sporadic outbreak of a spate of Fires in some parts of the Country, that mainly gutted Government buildings and markets.

With the outbreak of cholera well before the onset of the rains, most Zambians have valid reasons to accuse the PF of misplaced priorities that favour corruption which only benefit Zambia’s current political elite, who have become expressly rich within a period of three years of assuming office.

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