Radio Christian Voice Cancels HH interview for second time in a week.

The UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has confirmed the cancellation of a scheduled radio program with ‘Radio Christian Voice’ for the second time in less than 10 days. In a press release posted on his Facebook page this morning, Mr Hichilema revealed the cancellation which he called an embarrassing turn of events.

He further explained that the cancellation was despite earlier assurances made to himself and his media team as late as yesterday by senior management of the Radio Christian Voice.

“We once more sincerely apologize to our expctant audiences on the saddening but embarrassing turn of events in our Country”.

The UPND President said the invitation had actually been made at the request of the Radio Station shortly after his release from incarceration but that he had personally requested for a bit more time inorder to meet other pressing issues.

Mr Hichilema however thanked the Station for offering him the opportunity and that he fully understood the atmosphere in which the press was operating in.

“We thank Radio Christian Voice for the invitation, but we fully appreciate the difficulty conditions under which media houses currently operate”.

It is not known whether the Radio Station will set another day for the much anticipated interview.

In what is quickly morphing into a communist style/dictatorship control,  Zambian media houses are under severe strain from the PF Government through the Independent Broadcasting Authority. Prime TV a privately owned TV station was last Friday summoned to appear before the IBA for an unspecified offense, but believed to be a story they ran over UPND votes that were allegedly stolen in Kalulushi in the last election.

The Kalulushi MP who is also the current Minister of Information and Broadcasting was accused of having collaborated in the theft. She immediately issued a strongly worded statement threatening to close down Media Houses that engaged in “malicious and fake news” against her and the PF.

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