Arresting of Chingola man for calling Lungu “a thief” may open a can of worms.

‘News diggers’ on line publication has reported that Chingola police have arrested a 49 business man Alex Mwale for defaming President Edgar Lungu. Mr Mwale is alleged to have called Mr Lungu a thief and a criminal over the purchase of 42 Fire Engines for US42 million, in a recorded video footage that went viral on social media.

Those who remember will recall that Edith Nawakwi called President Chiluba a thief, a matter which landed her in court for defamation of a Head of State. The case however opened a whole range of can of worms for Chiluba as evidenced surfaced that implicated him in a lot of hidden matters that citizens had never known of. Nawakwi had to defend herself by proving Chiluba was indeed a thief.

In the case in question, Mwale will have to prove his claims by providing evidence. He may go a little in the past and avail proof that Mr Lungu was suspended by the Law Association of Zambia over allegations of impropriety. Mr Mwale may wish to dwell on how the President’s immovable assets among others can spiral upwards to a staggering K24 million from K2.4 million within a period of 36 months.

Mr Alex Mwale may have to expose the inconsistencies of Mr Lungu in his fight against corruption where he continously shifts goal posts of outright denial of the existence of corruption in his Cabinet when a year earlier he had accused his Ministers of the same vice. He may mention how Mr Lungu addressed a group of Zambians in Newyork calling on the ACC to investigate allegations of corruption in the fire tender process and claiming he was not aware that there was such a transaction in the National treasurer, only to backtrack by saying he was aware that the ACC had cleared the tender process that started a year ago.

The prayer of many Zambians will be that the DPP will not enter a Nolle prosque in this matter. It’s a serious matter of public interest and must be left undisturbed.

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