Grandview International (Z) Ltd Takes grand Stage in Zambian Grand Corruption.

Grandview Now supplies Kafue Steel and Zambian Sugar to Paul Kagame.
My heart is heavy, my spirit is low because of levels of corruption in my country, the country I love so dearly, the country of my father’s, the country that I will leave for my children. But what sort of country are we going to leave for our children.
With these levels of corruption, our country’s future outlook does not look bright. Something must be done, and must be done now.
Still fresh in the mind of the people of Zambia is the corrupt procurement of fire trucks by a company called Grandview International(Z) Ltd, that has also been contracted to supply FISP Fertiliser this farming season. You have not heard enough. Grandview is the company of the moment.
When Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda came to Zambia, he requested for Zambian steel from Kafue steel and Sugar. Grandview was immediately given the business to supply steel from kafue steel as a middleman and to also supply sugar to Kigali. Twice a week, Kagame’s ship docks at Mpulungu harbour to get the supplies. Today Zambia Sugar is under pressure to supply sugar to Grandview for export to Rwanda against company priorities of supplying first to the local market, then export to Burundi, then others. Grandview is given the first priority,   doesn’t matter whether there is enough for local market or not. But where does Grandview get the influence from, how does Grandview get such favours, a company born yesterday, your guess is as good as mine.
Let me talk briefly about the RTSA issue. The giving of RTSA to Lamise is heavily loaded with corruption and must be reversed immediately in the interest of the public. RTSA is a Public institution that is realising substantial revenue for govt.
RTSA was established through the Road Traffic act No.11 of 2002 to provide for a system of road safety and traffic management, Licensing of drivers and motor vehicles, Licensing and control of public service vehicles and promotion of road safety among others.
 Now we are told these functions will be given to Lamise, a manufacturer of mattresses, who has no idea on road safety, whatsoever. We are also told that Lamise will take over all toll gates, the function of the National Road Fund Agency.
The first step in this scheme of corruption is to issue new, so called electronic number plates to all motor vehicles in Zambia at k500 each. There are more than 2,000, 000 cars in Zambia. From this single activity, Lamise will make a whopping K1 trillion. There is your money Zambia. I leave it here for today.
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