RTSA to Prosecute Road Offenders, No More Payments


This serves to inform you that the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATSA) and the Zambia Police in conjunction with the Lusaka City Council have begun to prosecute persons who violate road traffic rules at the Lusaka Civic Center Subordinate Court which will hear all matters relating to road traffic violations on a fast track basis.

As of last week, no payments will be done at RATSA for any breach. An offender will have to go through the Court process from the most trivial matters such as failure to obey road signs, over speeding, driving without a license, not wearing a seat belt to the more grave offenses.

The prosecutions will initially apply to Lusaka and thereafter occurring countrywide those convicted of drunken driving will be sentenced to weekend imprisonment.

Weekend imprisonment is where an offender is required to surrender oneself to prison at 18:30 hrs. Each Friday and released on Sunday at 18:30hrs. until the full prison sentence is served.

All citizens are here made aware of this new development to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and waste of time through Court attendances.

While this is a positive development, it seems as though RATSA has no proper plan for implementation. This initial phase seems to be a typical PF trial and error mode of operation. It would have been prudent to put in place a more comprehensive plan prior to rushing to do so by parts across the country.

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