Ian Khama awakens the third term ‘Elephant in the room.’

President Seretse Khama Ian Khama of Bostwana becomes the second African Head of State to publicly denounce Edgar Chagwa Lungu on matters of constitutional governance, when he glowingly announced how he would peacefully step aside in the next five months to pave way for his successor, without tempering with the constitution of Botswana to run for a third term. (Only a deaf person would have missed the message)

Earlier in the year, the Ghanaian President Nana Akufo Addo stunned guests at a Zambian State House banquet in his honour, when he set aside the usual diplomatic niceties typical of African leaders, and outrightly rebuked Lungu for his autocratic style of governance while reminding him that this type of leadership was alien to Zambia. Addo further told Lungu that the electoral count  between his Party and that of  his main rival who he had illegally incarcerated, was so marginal for him to be so wayward of democratic tenets and values and that he had not come to Zambia to take sides.

It had to take the reassuring music of the Zambian Military symphony to detoxify the charged atmosphere the Ghanaian leader’s blunt undiplomatic comments, had caused in the elegant Victorian banquet hall.

President Seretse Khama Ian Khama is a British trained Army officer from the famous elite Sandhurst Military Academy, and has been the leader of  the diamond rich and stable Southern African Nation since 2008 when he took over from President Festus Mogaye, whose term had expired.

General Khama a former Botswana Air force Commander is the first born son of the Country’s first President Sir Seretse Khama Ian Khama snr. He was born in 1953 in Chertesey, Surrey in England of a British mother. President Khama is rated by many World political pundits as the best President on the globe.

Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu a serial airborne enthusiast has been a frequent flyer to Ian Khama’s Botswana and has regarded himself as a close friend to President Khama.

Government sources revealed that Gen. Khama’s comments were a very well calculated and well thought out effort and confirmation of the behind the scenes disagreement he has with  Lungu’s attempt to manipulate the Judiciary to have a go at what is essentially a third term run.

That President Khama chose a public function to make the comments even when he has diplomatic channels at his disposal, may be indicative that Lungu stands steadfast on his plan to run for a third term and maybe a sign that he has refused private efforts by his counterpart to change course.

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