Bokoni Soko’s USD28m Mission in Germany for Cholera Drugs.

Impeccable sources close to the Government have revealed that, Bokoni Soko the corrupt Zambian Government business middleman with the “Zambian Guptas” that many citizens believe have captured the Nation’s state institutions, is currently on a 28 million dollar mission in Germany on behalf of his masters the Gulams in pursuit of  cholera drugs for the Zambian government.
Soko is in Germany where he has already finalised a phamarceutical deal to the tune of US$ 28 million for the purchase of cholera drugs, the perennial waterborne disease that is annually ravaging the Nation’s Capital, Lusaka. Does it make sense really to import Cholera drugs instead of using that money to fix the cholera problem once and for all by investing the money in ways of cleaning up the city? As we see it, the plan is to plunder money on an annual basis in the name of getting drugs for cholera. Pathetic Fools!
Zambia is currently besieged by a series of corrupt ridden Government business deals, most of them being sourced, involving millions of  Dollars of overpriced goods and services.
The Country is still reeling in the after shocks of an unbelievable purchase of 42 second hand fire engines for a staggering and unbelievable amount of US $1million per unit.
Civil rights and anti corruption activists that protested against the deal were quickly arrested by the Zambian Police at the instigation of corrupt Government officials believed to be heavily involved in the deal.
Bokoni Soko is believed by many as the frontman of very senior Government and PF-Party officials. He is currently building a multi million Dollar mansion opposite the University of Zambia Great East Road Campus, next to Taiwo Car Hire. Sources say Soko imported exotic building material in dozens of containers from Italy that he is using to build the house.
Corruption has become the new norm in Zambia under Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s rule.
In a phone in radio programme recently, the National Restoration Party opposition Party leader Elias Chipimo Jnr. complained of the high and unprecedented levels of corruption, suggesting that Zambia needed to celebrate an annual day of corruption.
Despite all the cries and screams, dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu shamelessly moves on as though nothing is happening in the nation. His calmness and quietness on all these issues may as well be a sign of complicity and how deeply involved he may be in The rot.The Zambian economy is suffering culminated by the designate Chief thief and looter of national resources, Minister of Finance Felix Mutati who seems to be at the helm of all this economic rape going on in the nation.
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