Mutati Receives Loot of Money from AVIC

felido7The Watchdog has been consistent on Mr. Felix Mutati as a man without both moral fiber and the ability to help Zambia improve its finances. The designate Minister of Financial Looting Mutati, has been very candid with his mouth in trying to talk away the financial doldrums Zambia as a nation has been facing. If anything Mutati is now a clear conduit of financial-symphony-conduit from the Zambian Resources to himself and his pay master(s).

Talk Show Mutati

Talk-show Mutati

In the recent past, the Managing Director for AVIC Zambia, literally handed over a suck

Looting 1

Financial Looter

full of United States Dollars to Mr Felix Mutati. This was witnessed by impeccable sources. Who transacts in sacks except money launderers and state financial looters?  The so called Minister of


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Finance for the Zambian Government is actually the Minister of Financial Looters and is hell bent on nothing but looting as much public resources as he can ever accumulate. Mutati is basically the chief thief.

It is not clear from our sources whether these funds are meant for him (Felix Mutati) to contest the presidential seat in 2021 or these are just looted funds to continue financing the luxuries and lifestyle within the present PF ruling party looters clique.



Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda looted loads of funds too through the PF government. The oldest Financial Minister Zambia ever had opened dubious accounts in China where he was transporting loads of funds through Bank of Zambia. Sadly the Bank Governor, Danny Kalyalya has not been helpful to the Zambian population in stop this carnage. Either he is one of the looters now, or he is just a clear open door and mat for the looters to use while he is there. Whatever the case, he too must be accountable.

Felix Mutati has been on the go from the first day he stepped into office as Minister of Financial Looters in the PF Government. Under his watch, the cancer of looting the Zambian treasury has been accelerated. Zambia shall continue to bleed financially under his watch. He is just a smart criminal who will answer for his crimes at the right time. Thieves like him must not be allowed to crawl the streets freely when millions of Zambians are literally struggling with basics of life.

fire enginesThe clear looting through the stinking US$42Million fire engine tender, the overpriced AVIC projects, the US$1.2Billion Ndola-Lusaka download300km road, the several other roads contracts being manipulated from statehouse are but a few devastating offshoots of the curruption  being pursued by the PF government. The day of reconing will one day be here and all those with soiled hands will be held to account.

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