Zambia’s Foreign image at a new low under Kalaba as Minister.

If there’s any Zambian Foreign Minister that has presided over the worst downturn and most disastrous foreign policy period of our Nation since Independence, it has been Harry Kalaba, the diminutive Foreign Affairs Minister of Zambia.

On Harry Kalaba’s watch, the Foreign Ministry has seen the institution slide into a chaotic nepotistic clearing house for cadres, cronies, family members and people of ethnicities mainly from the Northern and Eastern parts of Zambia.

Foreign Affairs under Kalaba has not been spared from the ethnic purge of competent  experienced, career diolomats and  staff from regions that are perceived to be opposition strongholds, literally haemorrhaging the department to the lowest compentence levels never witnessed before.

This disastrous outlook has coincided with Zambia being associated to a level of rogue State where human rights, civil liberties, transparency, accountability and democratic values have all become a luxury and only a dream.

It is under Harry Kalaba that respected organizations like the Catholic Bishops, the Commonwealth and Amnesty International have made similar  observations at the alarming levels of dictatorship and institutional intolerance being exhibited by the Zambian regime under dictator Edgar Lungu.

The Zambian Catholic Bishops earlier in the year observed when they stated, “Our Country is now well all, except by designation a Dictatorship”.

The Head of State of one of Africa’s most respected Nations, Ghana, while on a State visit to Zambia remarked, “This is not what Zambia is known for because it has been a champion of peace, good governance, democratic values and a respecter of human rights”.

For almost 50 years, Zambia has always been under the radar and off international watchlists of Nations regarded as failed states and despotic such as Zimbabwe, Uganda and Burundi. What is obtaining under the PF Government, which Harry Kalaba is Chief International diplomat is an absolute disgrace.

These characteristics and dubious credentials have been earned out of the PF’s own making and as pointed out above, the World is fully alive to these behaviours. And so when Harry Kalaba dishonourably and unashamedly talks about  “certain” citizens who tarnish Zambia’s image abroad, other than being truly delusional and paranoid, he is talking a bunch of malarkey and utter nonesense meant to convince only himself, his despotic Government and corrupt President.

Zambians are aware that Harry Kalaba has Presidential ambitions that are not pleasing his corrupt and despotic boss who has his own third term dreams. Many people read his writtings on his Facebook wall where he always plays the victim, philosopher and thinker in order to draw attention and public sympathy.

Harry Kalaba must be fair to himself by being honest that he is incompetent and  that as matter of fact he is not in charge of the Zambian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The department is fragmented into fiefdoms and family units run by cadres like Emmanuel Mwamba, Freedom Sikazwe, Kaiser Zulu and Amos Chanda. Harry Kalaba must pluck some courage and resign.

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