Zambia-Third World’s Hungriest Country, It’s Economy is Broken – BBC.

The BBC World Service has disclosed that Zambia is the third world’s hungriest country whose leadership has continued to borrow abnormally.
During it’s Hardtalk show,  BBC’s Stephen Sakur announced that Zambia’s economy is broken beyond measures under the the Patriotic Front led by Edgar Lungu.
The BBC hosted Zambia’s UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who explained passionately that the country was indeed facing an economic crisis brought about by over borrowing expensive loans.
Mr. Hichilema explained that the country needs to stop corruption and once in power he will run a country of zero tolerance to corruption.
On governance, the BBC World Service stated that Zambia was facing threats including on its long time democracy and the UPND President in affirmative stated that this is why he is calling for reforms in the Judiciary, Electoral commission, Police and among other key institutions.
The BBC World Service also stated that it was aware that the Leader of the PF, Mr Edgar Lungu intends to contest elections for the third time, against the constitution.
Meanwhile, the UPND emphasised that there is total breakdown in the rule of law in the country such as politically motivated arrests adding that matters related to Mr Edgar Lungu contesting for a third time are in court but that whatever the courts will decide must be respected.
And Mr. Hichilema stated he will contest any future elections whose it’s environment is free and fair.
He stated that there is need of restoring normalcy in the country so as to ensure that the country’s constitution is respected as opposed to situations where the PF leader, Mr Edgar Lungu refused to handover power to the speaker of the national assemblywhen petition was filed.
The UPND President becomes Zambia’s second top politician to feature on the BBC World Service’s Hard Talk program after late President, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa.
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