Justice Minister’s Remarks on HH’s BBC interview glosses over the Zambia Hungriest Nation Status.

Given Lubinda the PF MP for Kabwata who also doubles as Justice Minister lacks maturity and wisdom to involve himself in his ignorant cadres’ debate over the UPND President’s interview on BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’.
He lacks the moral authority and intergrity  over the debate because his own President has on several occassions has scampered several times from the same interview at the BBC and VOA.
Further, Lubinda oversees a Ministry that is the most polarized, fragmented and corruption ridden since Zambia’s Independence fifty years ago.
Hardly a month ago, Police used Lubinda’s number one oppressive tool,the Public Order Act to arrest peaceful civil right protesters who were demonstrating over the alarming levels of corruption in the Government procurement processes.
Zambia’s human rights record is in tatters and judicial adjudication is zero with citizens being subjected to a twisted principle of “being found guilty before being proven innocent”. World Human rights bodies have for the first time, put Zambia on their radar with Amnesty International having sent it’s most senior official to Zambia to wave the red flag in the face of Justice Minister Lubinda and his erstwhile boss.
Zambia’s democratic credentials are non existent as revealed by Zambia’s respected Catholic Bishops when they said, “Our Country is now well all except in designation a Dictatorship and the Judiciary has let the Country down by failing to stand up to political manipulation”
How can Lubinda in his official capacity as Justice Minister comment on the BBC interview, but fail to acknowledge that the same discussion made a shocking and startling revelation of the World Hunger Index, where Zambia is placed as the hungriest nation on earth while it’s economy is described as broken and hopeless.
As Member of Parliament for Kabwata, Given Lubinda has turned a blind eye to the illegal sale of land in his constituency to the Lebanese and Chinese. The swathe of land between Kabwata market and Kabwata weight lifting club has been sold and small scale interprueners in furniture and mechanics have been forcibly removed. Given Lubinda has not said a word. Neither has Lubinda said a single word over Amnesty International’s report over the displacements of millions of  indigenous rural people from their ancestral and traditional lands which Lubinda’s PF is selling to the Chinese and Multinational companies
Under the pretext of dispensing justice, Lubinda and his boss Dictator Lungu have misused and abused the organs of the State to dispense vengeance using a litany of trumped up charges, bogus prosecutions and a pliant judicial system that is used as a  tool for political control of their enemies.
To mend the broken pieces of our Nation are matters that ought to preoccupy a serious Justice Minister and Government than petty twisted arguments that expose their fears and failures to govern and to lead the Zambian people.
How can Lubinda so embarrassingly comment and offer checks and balances to an opposition leader he falsely imprisoned in the most degrading and humiliating circumstances, over a talk show on a foreign TV station, when his gullible Government bars Hakainde on the so called Zambian public broadcaster. Lubinda is a shameless and corrupt Minister and time shall surely catch up with all of them sooner than later.

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