Lungu threat to Judges is the highest form of dictatorship. 

Edgar Lungu’s threats to Judges in this country is the highest form of dictatorship and it shows that he is not comfortable in his shoes. Above all it also shows that the man is corrupt to the core.
Dictator Lungu’s rant indicates a man that knows that he is going down the hard way. The end for Edgar Lungu is surely prison and in the back of his mind he knows this. This will include all his cronies and all those that have aided and abated his looting and corrupt conduct..
Judges have an opportunity to show Lungu that the rule of law will always prevail. They need to uphold the law without intimidation. They need to ensure that the constitution remains supreme. This is the time for them to show that they are above politics and intimidation. Should they abrogate this responsibility, they will be at risk of going down as the Judges that destroyed the country. Lungu is a human being, he will either leave office, or go the way that every person will ultimately go – death. The environment in Zambia is at the lowest end in terms of the rule of law and upholding democracy. If the judges don’t uphold the Law and protect Democracy, they will forever torment Zambians with their decisions.
Security services have an obligation to ensure neutrality, we are well aware that people who are not qualified have been infused into the security services so that they can answer to the one man appointing authority. We wish to warn them that they need to do the right thing at all cost. If they don’t, the blood of anyone that dies due to political instability will be on them.
This is the time for opposition parties and civic organisations to up their game. It is time for organised protest. We all have to jealously protect our beloved country and its democracy and the time to stand up and be counted is now.
It has been a bit disconcerting that civil society and the church have been approaching this issue with a divided voice. It’s time to show up at the door of leadership and defend the Nation. They must put aside narrow the interests that Lungu has polarized them with in typical divide and rule fashion and stand up for the people.
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