Lungu blocks ACC from arresting Bullet Nsemukila.

This is after Bullet Nsemukila was found to have been Corrupt and the Director of Public Prosecution cleared him to be prosecuted. Investigations done by the Anti-Corruption commission found Nsemukila corrupt and he is supposed to be prosecuted as the evidence show in the attached document.
At the time Bullet Nsemukila was been investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission other Civil Servants were at the same time in the same predicament such as those from the Metrological department. Metrological department official just like Bullet were found to have been corrupt and were taken to court while Bullet Nsemukila had his case blocked from prosecution. The officer from Metrological department who had their case taken to court are appearing in court and some have since lost their Jobs or are on suspension. At the same time former Chisamba MP, Moses Muteteka had his cases disposed of with judgement passed and is serving his jail term.
Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) arrested Jacob Nkomoki, Zambia Meteorological Department (ZMD), Acting Director then Joseph Kanyanga, and retiree’s duo of Mukufute Mukelebai and Oversease Mwangase for corrupt practices involving over 49, 000 Euros. The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Lilian Shawa Siyuni recommended that they be arrested and charged for corrupt practices. It was at the same time Bullet Nsemukila and Mosese Muteteka were also recommended for arrest but State House through Edgar Lungu and his advisor on Corruption Kaizer Zulu and Spokesperson on corruption Amos Chanda decided only to have the cases of the former Metrological Department and Moses Muteteka’s cases prosecuted all because they are Tongas and Lozis. The Metrological Officials have since lost their Jobs while Bullet Nsemukila is still reporting for work and been paid a salary from poor Zambia.
Bullet Nsemukila is charged with an offence of releasing Vehicles of RF and M investments a company which owes Citizens Economic Empowerment commission Millions money. After receiving kickbacks he prevented Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission from enforcing loan collection after they grabbed the Vehicles from R F and M Investment by releasing the trucks.
Who is Bullet Nsemukila. Bullet Nsemukila pretends to be a very intelligent civil servant while racking havoc to young civil servant. Michael C. Sata fired him the moment PF formed Government because of his corrupt practices. He has all his working life been a corrupt civil servant always firing officials who do not want to join him in his corrupt practice.
His first job in the Civil Service was when he was appointed director at Central Statistical Office (CSO) from UNZA where he worked as a lecturer. He caused havoc there by firing a lot of hard working civil servants who he perceived as not good enough for his corruption ways of working.
He later was promoted to various Ministries as permanent Secretary among them Energy, Education and lastly Commerce, trade and Industry. It was at commerce where he went into his serious corrupt madness. While at commerce he fired a lot of senior civil servants among them many of his Directors. He appointed his corrupt stooges who he could use in corruption.
In 2009, he was appointed chairperson of the 2010 Permanent secretaries committee on the Census, he immediately went to fire the Director of CSO then Ms. Efreda Chulu, his long term rival. He went to appoint his corrupt relative who he could control and root 2010 Census resources. All those who were perceived to be close to Efreda Chulu were either removed from their positions or were transferred to provincial offices or other ministries. Those that tried to join other organisations were followed and he influenced their new institutions to fire them. He brags to his close friends on how he controls CSO through his stooge John Kalumbi and how he will continue to procure Directors for Central Statistical Office especially now that CSO has been transformed.
When MCS took office in 2011, he fired him from the Civil service. However, the gentleman came back through the rigged 2016 elections. He was part of a team of officials who were in what they called PF parallel vote tabulation team. A team which he stocked with compromised CSO officials and many Civil servants. They collected results from all parts of the country and advised Kaizer Zulu on where to rig the election which gave Edgar Lungu the stolen victory. Prior to the election he had got a team of compromised CSO officials to come up with a minimum referendum threshold for it to succeed. His team tried to rig the referendum by putting the threshold very low and he appeared on television many times advising people to vote for the referendum. Despite all of these efforts, they were humiliated by having a failed referendum.
As a reward to some CSO and other compromised Civil Servants, he had them promoted and some of them were appointed as Directors or Assistant Directors in new Ministry such as Ministry of National Development Planning and others. In areas where they wanted the position for their stooges, they even had the incumbent retired in National interest. As one of the chief engineer, his number one Victims have been Tongas and Lozis who have to pave way for compromised civil servants.
In return Bullet Nsemukila was appointed Permanent Secretary Luapula Province. Like he has always been he has already started purging innocent hard working Civil Servants from his Province by either transferring them to other provinces or other Ministries. Recently he had one of his Assistant Director transferred to Muchinga Province because he is considered not good enough for his corruption.
This is the Bullet Nsemukila the corrupt Civil servant who State House is protecting from prosecution when the DPP wants him to be arrested. He is been kept in the Civil service an agent of electoral malpractices in future elections and looting of Government resources.

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