Lungu Building TALU Shopping Mall in Uganda.

The Zambian Dictator Edgar Lungu has contracted  Dubai based Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing Company, the same firm that printed the 2016 Zambian ballot papers to build a Shopping Mall  in Ugandan. the shopping mall will be called TALU SHOPPING MALL meaning TASILA LUNGU SHOPPING MALL.

This is the same firm that also printed the election materials for  Ugandan which the Blood dictator Yoweri Museveni rigged

Edgar Lungu’ s Shopping Mall is being built right in the heart of Kampala in Ugandan capital at the initial cost of US $6.7 million.


TALU Mall under Construction – Uganda

But according to documents seen, the mall may cost as must as US $15.8 as it will keep being expanded.

The project is being supervised by Avic International, the Chinese firm that has won tenders for basically all major road contracts in Zambia and public infrastructure.

Lungu’s Special Assistant for Corruption Kaizar Zulu is overseeing the entire project and regularly travels to Uganda to see the project and get photos which he then shows thief master Edgar Lungu.

This now explains to you where our money is going. Instead of employing 10,000 teachers as agreed at first, the PF government decided to employ 2000 only, diverting the money to fund Lungu’s corruption abroad.

This is Edgar Lungu for you. In case you have forgotten, he is now worth K87 million. But at the time he was becoming president in 2015, he had only K2 million. Now where do u think he has gotten K85,000,000 rebased (85 Billion old currency) in less than two years?

This is Lungu and PF for you. By 2021, Zambia will be a desert financially as the uncaring man will have wiped out all your money from your coffers through questionable taxes just to pay for his mansions and malls abroad. He is much worse than Mugabe.

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