PF Secretariat is headed by failures – PF youth.

Phil Chikuwa, an ardent ruling party supporter, has described the Patriotic Front as a boat fast sinking.

He says this is because the party is headed by failures.

His deputy, Mumbi Phiri is a failed diplomat and her attempts to stand in her former constituency Munali, was thwarted.

The media head for the party, Sunday Chanda is a fresher from the MMD and his attempts to stand in Mpika both under MMD and PF has not yielded success.

Youths like Ephraim Shakafuswa, Max Chongu and others have intensified calls to have the PF secretariat overhauled as the ruling party faces immediate internal and external threats.

The Youths have urged President Edgar Lungu to consider reviving the failing political fortunes of the party by appointing effective people to key positions instead of giving jobs to appease failures.

The recent expulsion of former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Chishimba Kambwili and the consequent formation of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) has caused splinter effects in the ruling party strongholds with the party losing members to the new party.

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