Edgar Lungu must deny the statement by his Minister that he is a ruthless dictator.

The statement by Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo that he bootlicks President Edgar Lungu is a serious indication that ministers are so scared of Lungu because he is a dictator.

We have always held the view that Edgar Lungu  is a cruel, heartless, cold and calculated dictator, but our assertions have  been met with deluged scorn by his supporters and surrogates who think he is humble like the late Mother Teresa of India.

Former PF Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili and one time closest advisor to Lungu, once hinted that his former boss regarded himself on earth as the Alpha and the Omega. As usual the PF cadres squirked and squirmed and cried foul over a matter that is well known and very clear for all to see. They accused Kambwili of being bitter and jealousy because he had been expelled from their party.

Just two days ago, we heard for ourselves from the horse’s mouth when a serving  Minister who is supposedly a public servant, publicly declaring and admitting that he is willing to kneel down and kiss the dusty boots of Edgar Lungu, and that when his boss asks him to jump, he usually asks him “how high?” This is absolutely outrageous and shocking.

This behaviour by public servants who can’t distinguish between bootlicking and allegiance to the constitution underscores our long held view that our institutions of governance are a heap of rubble and that our constitution is a smouldering ruins. We therefore call upon Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu to deny if what his Minister is saying does not originate from his Executive desk.

Bowman Lusambo’s Cabinet portifolio is an institution and he therefore holds institutional powers on behalf of the people, for the people and so when he says he bootlicks, which essentially means receiving instructions without analysing, sieving and advising back, then the Nation is deep trouble.

If a Cabinet Minister practises such shocking blind loyalty disregarding constitutional provisions at to who his real masters are, in preference for the iron fist of his boss, then what kind of ripple authority does he transmit below him?

This proves our view that our institutions are under siege and dysfunctional because of dictatorship.  And that evil and unscrupulous demagogues have captured the State and holding our institutions hostage, and unless citizens speak out this Country will grind to a halt.

Poorly equipped and semi illiterate cadres like Bowman Lusambo have been deliberately deployed to institutionalize and consolidate the dark and evil art of dictatorship. His utterances are a ploy to normalise bad governance and mediocre leadership so that ordinary citizens are misled. Once they succeed in misleading our people, their intentions are to create circumstances where they will plunder and abuse public resources without accounting to anyone.

Further, they will use our institutions to instil fear in the minds of the people while they take away all our freedoms, our common and cherished values and civil liberties without being questioned. Zambians must learn from Zimbabweans not to take our God given freedoms for granted.

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