Chikwanda has no Moral Standing to Condemn Concourt.

It is highly immoral for Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda (ABC) to attack the Judiciary let alone the ConCourt’s  competence and it’s so called financial indiscipline of which he was part and parcel of only some months ago.

When he attacks the relevance and competence of the Court, is he now attacking the intergrity and competence of his boss Edgar Lungu who appointed the Judges? Is he also attacking his own judgement or lack of it for rushing through the ratification of the ConCourt judges in parliament where he was a Nominated MP?

While under severe political pressure to overturn the constitution, the ConCourt for once served Zambia as a Nation instead of the PF as a political party. This seems to have displeased ABC.

Further Chikwanda set the highest record of financial indiscipline more than any other Cabinet Minister has ever attained in Zambia.

Alexander Chikwanda was the first Minister of Finance who with impunity and unbelievable political arrogance looted the nation’s treasury to fund political activities of the PF Party. The audio evidence where he was heard promising millions of Kwacha to the PF Secretary General for party campaigns is in the public domain.

Chikwanda is the one who set up fake Zambian  Government Accounts in China and was the sole signatory. To date he still remains an illicit  financial conduit for the PF both from these accounts and other looted wealth under his control.

Alexander Chikwanda has thrived in ethnic politics and has fanned the division of our people along sectarian lines in order to plunder and steal.

It is therefore hypocritical  for him to attempt to launder his filthy image by trying to become a champion of morals with such a rotten record of corruption and tribalism. Under the watch of Alexander Chikwanda, the Chinese Investors and Contractors swiftly turned into Chinese Infesters on the Zambian economy.

Our Nation’s founding fathers to which Chikwanda belongs to must surely be turning in their graves to have one of their own alive and dividing the Nation, raping its resources, championing division and hate. Chikwanda must be ashamed of himself!

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