Lungu de-gazetted Lusaka east forest reserve water catchment area for plots.

Corruption ridden PF President Edgar Chagwa Lungu degazetted huge tracts of land in Lusaka East which includes the ZAF restricted area that successive Governments have maintained for the purpose of balancing the echo and aqua systems of Lusaka.
The area in question is the largest aquifer in the whole of Lusaka. In geology an aquifer is an area of porous rock underneath the surface which absorbs, holds and transmits ground water.
Since most of Lusaka rely on ground water through boleholes for consumption, large scale indiscriminate development on the aquifer allows sewage contamination of this important water source that puts thousands of residents at grave risk of water borne diseases like cholera and dysentery.
In a typical koswe mumpoto move, Mr Lungu in collaboration with the ZAF commander Gen Chimense has given away the land situated along Twin Palm road, to Chinese developers that are putting up two storey gated residences that have already been allocated to senior PF officials which include Mr Lungu, Kaiser Zulu, Jean Kapata, Mumbi Phiri and a Mr Findlay.
Impeccable sources have also revealed that the land opposite Memorial Park Cemetery along Twin Palm road and in the proximity of the American Embassy complex, belonging to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been secretly grabbed from the State by Mr Lungu and his surrogates and shared among themselves. The source revealed that former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba is a beneficiary in this scam.
The PF top hierarchy is currently embroiled in a vicious war with the lower ranks especially the youth over sharing of the spoils with each side accusing the other of being greedy.
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