PF inconsistency has confused parents on schools opening dates. – HH

President of the UPND Hakainde Hichilema has charged that the lack of  consistency by the PF  on when schools should open due to the outbreak of cholera, has led to havoc in many Zambian households.
Mr Hichilema who was speaking on ‘Hot FM’s  ‘Burning issues’ programe in Lusaka this morning said the parents have been left confused and helpless, as two dates have since been announced by the PF.
“The PF first announced that the mandatory closure of schools due to the outbreak of cholera would be reviewed on the 30th of January 2018. So the parents’ school fees’ financial plans were naturally planned for the 30th of January and beyond. However the PF abruptly changed and brought the day of opening down to 23rd January 2018, leaving many parents in a state of confusion and panick”, said Hichilema.
He accused the PF of lacking constitency and always driven by emotion instead of policy on matters of running national affairs and that under the UPND Government, this would change.
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