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Lungu resorts to Hitler tactics

What is happening in Zambia is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Hitler managed to turn a Generation of Kids Into Nazis using the education system. Books were rewritten, the press inimical to his government was censored. Today the PF government want to create a generation of uncritical zombie children who will subscribe to their views naively and […]

Avic has so far stolen in excess $1.8 B and continues raping Zambia.

*AVIC Has Raked-In, In Excess Of USD 1.8 Billion, As It Continues To Rape Zambia* *While all this is happening, Zambia’s prime land, minerals and other natural resources are slowly being sold or quietly being bequeathed to the Chinese conglomerates, their representatives and other well-connected individuals as the country’s citizens watch in awe. Evidently, the […]

Govt reshuffle really meant to entrench corruption further – Chifire.

Activist Gregory Chifire says Edgar Lungu’s Cabinet reshuffles are pointless because he has left corrupt ministers untouched. Commenting on Lungu’s reshuffles in an interview, Thursday, Chifire said he expected the Head of PF to act on corrupt ministers. “I expected the President to dismiss the Ministers that are involved in corruption, as according to his […]