Chilufya fails to show even one $288, 000 Ambulance.

Chilufya is the fall back PF presidential candidate in case Edgar Lungu is barred by the constitutional court or for some reason is unfit to contest for the third time.

After being challenged by Gregory Chifire to produce just one ambulance despite all of them being paid for in 2015, Chilufya has failed to produce even a spare tyre but instead issued a statement and a photo- shopped image of some interior of a car to friendly media justifying the cost.

Chitalu Chilufya who it has just been discovered that was chased from a Usaid project in Namwala for malpractices said the cost of one ambulance is actually US230000 and not US288000. He further indirectly blames late Health Minister Joseph Kasonde for the procurement of the ambulances. Meanwhile, an automotive expert talked to said the said pictures of ambulances displayed by Chilufya  can only be utilised in urban areas like Lusaka, Kitwe and Ndola because they have low Chasis. “It is just pure theft.

Those vehicles can only be used in places like Kabulonga, Woodlands, Riverside in shory kumayadi because they have low chasis. You can not drive them to places like Kanyama,” the expert observed. Meanwhile in justifying the high prices, Chitalu Chilufya a Public Health specialist now turned into a public thief said part of the money will go towards training of medical personel by Savenda and the advance payment for spare parts. Look how stealing can turn even educated people into educated fools.

When did Savenda start training medical personel because Trevor Mpoha can not even handle a Syringe? Why didn’t the manufacturer of the heaven sent vehicles train the medical personel? Where are the ambulances that were paid for three years ago? If late Joseph Kasonde whom the Moribund ACC can not exhume to interrogate made a mistake why hasn’t Chilufya cancelled the contract? Surely which fool can pay for spares in advance? Bakoswe mu Chipatala (Rats in Hospitals)

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